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What Is a Flexible Budget in Simple Words?

Therefore it helps the management to accurately know about their productivity and output, for example, jute factories, handloom industries, etc. Spending variance is the difference between what you should have spent at your actual production level and what you did spend. If it is favorable, you spent less than your actual production level should have required.

A flexible budget is a budget that changes based on your actual production or revenue. Unlike a static budget, it adjusts your original budget projection in using your actual sales or revenue. With a flexible budget, it’s easy to show that while costs for a month might have been much higher than budgeted, so were sales – justifying the increase. You can also study the monthly adjustments and notes to more accurately plan for future costs. In short, a flexible budget requires extra time to construct, delays the issuance of financial statements, does not measure revenue variances, and may not be applicable under certain budget models. Some expenditures vary with other activity measures than revenue. For example, telephone expenses may vary with changes in headcount.

Flexible Budgeting Advantages

Timely, accurate financial reporting helps business leaders make informed decisions based on their organization’s financial health. Here are four steps you can take to improve your reporting process and increase agility. Flexible budget variance techniques help you create budget forecasts that make sense in a time of disruption, making it easy to course correct when needed.

  • Then, upload the final flexible budget for the completed period into your accounting system so you can compare it with actual expenses through a variance analysis.
  • A static budget is geared for only one level of activity and has problems in cost control.
  • The basic flexible budget simply makes changes to the amounts based on revenues.
  • Small companies and startups may even miss out on new sources of income.
  • Unlike a static budget where you set it once and repeat the formula, a flexible budget requires constant monitoring and tweaking — with no guaranteed rewards.
  • Flexible budgets take time to maintain, with routine monthly reviews and edits.
  • Unlike a static budget, which can be prepared in anticipation of performance, a flexible budget allows you to adjust the original master budget using actual sales and/or production volume.

And their availability is a crucial factor in opting for a flexible budget. It helps in assessing the performance of the management and key production personnel. It has been “flexed,” or adjusted, based on your real production levels. Flexible budgeting is an important tool for most small businesses. Learn how it can help your business respond to the ups and downs of the marketplace.

Step 2: Identify fixed and variable costs for the period

However, actual production and sales volume units turned out to be only 7, 000 units instead of the original 9,000 units. A performance report comparing the actual production costs and sales amount with the planned is given in Exhibit 2-1. If, however, the cost was identified as a fixed cost, no changes are made in the budgeted amount when the flexible budget is prepared. Differences may occur in fixed expenses, but they are not related to changes in activity within the relevant range. Once you have created your flexible budget, at the end of the accounting period you will want to compare the flexible budget totals against actuals.

What Is a Flexible Budget in Simple Words?

The flexible budget is identical to the master budget in format, but managers may prepare it for any level of activity. Flexible budget variances are the differences between line items on actual financial statements and those that are on flexible budgets. Since the actual activity level is not available before the accounting period closes, flexible budgets can only be prepared at the end of the period. At that point, flexible budget variances can be useful in identifying any shortcomings or deviations in actual performance during a given period.

Time Delay Issues

Unlike a static budget, a flexible budget changes or fluctuates with changes in sales and production volumes. A static budget forecasts revenue and expenses over a specific period but remains unchanged even with changes in business activity. Suppose material costs for a product suddenly increase during the year, making this item unprofitable. A flexible budget would spot this variance, and management could take corrective actions.

  • The first column lists the sales and expense categories for the company.
  • A company with high fixed costs will have a lower ratio, meaning it must earn a substantial amount of revenue just to cover fixed costs and stay in business before seeing any profits from sales.
  • We’ve previously covered the five different types of budget models that businesses can choose from.
  • Keep in mind that if you or your bookkeeper are unfamiliar with cost accounting, the process of creating a flexible budget is best left in the hands of an accounting professional or CPA.
  • The expenses are categorized into fixed, variable, and semi-variable costs.

Now let’s illustrate the flexible budget by using different levels of volume. If 5,000 machine hours were necessary for the month of January, the flexible budget for January will be $90,000 ($40,000 fixed + $10 x 5,000 MH). If the machine hours in February are 6,300 hours, then the flexible budget for February will be $103,000 ($40,000 fixed + $10 x 6,300 MH). If March has 4,100 machine hours, the flexible budget for March will be $81,000 ($40,000 fixed + $10 x 4,100 MH). Though the flex budget is a good tool, it can be difficult to formulate and administer. One problem with its formulation is that many costs are not fully variable, instead having a fixed cost component that must be calculated and included in the budget formula. Also, a great deal of time can be spent developing cost formulas, which is more time than the typical budgeting staff has available in the midst of the budget process.

The amounts listed on this budget do not change, despite any other changes taking place. Instead, the hope is that patterns will be observed making future cost planning easier and more accurate. In addition, a flexible budget can successfully justify increases in costs when compared to actual income. Accountants enter actual activity measures into the flexible budget at the end of the accounting period. It subsequently generates a budget that ties in specifically with the inputs. Most businesses should take advantage of both kinds of budget.

What Is a Flexible Budget in Simple Words?

Maybe you spent less on facilities than expected, but new tariffs mean manufacturing is not going to make its numbers. Static Flexible Remains the same even if there are significant changes from the assumptions made during planning. Adjusts based on changes in the assumptions used in the planning process. Brainyard delivers data-driven insights and expert advice to help businesses discover, interpret and act on emerging opportunities and trends. The semi variables will appear in the middle section of the budget.

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In performance evaluation, a master budget is kept fixed or static to serve as a benchmark for evaluating performance. It shows revenues and costs at only the originally planned levels of activity. However, a flexible budget will be prepared at the actual activity level.

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