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A typical Cuban wedding provides a lot of specific traditions. The ceremony and reception very funny and engaging. These are aplauded through music, dancing and gift giving.

The articles on online dating wedding couple wear high-class fabrics dating cuban women for their marriage ceremony. They usually have got full shorts and ruffles. The bride’s costume is often white colored. Some Cuban brides choose pearl jewelry or ribbons to decorate their dresses.

The bride’s family usually pays for the wedding. In Tina, the few lives together in a house rented from the groom’s parents. This allows bride and groom to save money for his or her home. Nevertheless , if a young sibling gets married, the newlyweds might move out of their home.

After the wedding ceremony, the wedding party celebrates using a feast. Many Cuban wedding ceremonies are huge, with a guest list of 50-100 people. Food is important to the Cuban culture. The dessert is typically chocolates ormolu and furnished with emblems of love.

The first of all dance is a crucial part of the Cuban wedding. Numerous various styles of boogie are performed. Popular sorte include merengue, salsa and bachata.

A further popular tradition is the cash dance. With this dance, guys pin money to the bride’s dress. It can be believed that money may help her take up a new life with her husband.

Traditionally, the bride’s parents provide her a big gift. Groom’s parents give a similar surprise.

In addition , friends will give the couple representational gifts. Presents are generally hand made and include laces and ribbons with the labels of the bride and groom.

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